What we do

“Advertising is saying you are good. PR is getting someone else to say you are good, which is much more compelling.”

– Jean-Louis Gassée

As an integrated communications agency, we know the value of a good story.

We create engaging editorial content about your brand and products, and get those stories featured in the newspapers, magazines, websites and social media channels your target customers look at every day. We generate earned media – where editors, journalists and influencers talk about your brand and endorse your services.

Our experience is exceptional, our strategies are game-changing and we are bursting with ideas which will elevate your business.

            • Increase brand awareness
            • Establish authority in your sector
            • Prominently position your products in target media
            • Drive sales into retail and out to consumers
            • Deliver your business objectives through the power of communications

Public Relations

We craft compelling stories about your brand and ‘sell in’ these articles to our extensive media contacts. We work with a huge variety of journalists and key players in mainstream press, trade B2B publications and specialist media.

Leveraging the power of words

With the majority of our team former journalists, we know the importance of grabbing the reader’s attention – fast.

We have the skills to translate a brand’s unique propositions, selling points and benefits into interesting angles and concepts. We sell-in our client’s brands to journalists and editors and secure coverage seen by millions of people across the UK. 

Social Media

Social media has a huge part to play in any brand’s communication strategy, but executing the perfect post and generating those all-important likes can be hard work.


We manage our client’s entire social media presence, establishing a tone of voice for the brand across all social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

We grow your brand’s following, create content, increase engagement, deal with day-to-day enquiries, work with influencers and organise paid advertising. We utilise optimum posting frequency and timing, analyse audience demographics and insights and provide you with a complete social media strategy in line with your business goals.

Not launched your social media channels yet? Don’t worry, we can do that too! 


influencer marketing

A well-executed influencer marketing strategy can reap exceptional rewards for brands. Collaborating with influencers can boost brand recognition, enhance reputation, improve audience engagement and increase conversions.


We have extensive experience working with influencers, defining key target influencers through brand, customer persona, content and audience fit.

We create brand guidelines and agreements, organise product reviews and affiliate marketing programmes and establish long-term relationships with influencers for future campaigns and events.

Content Creation

We generate captivating, thought-provoking content which grips and engages the reader.

We define content management strategies through brand, marketing objectives, customer persona and journey.

Content is key

We produce a huge range of content-led pieces from blogs, newsletters and website copy, to product information booklets and brochures. Whatever the message, we will find the words to convey it.


We know what captivates an editor’s attention; how B2C and B2B magazines, newspapers and blogs work; how to work with journalists; and we have an exceptional understanding of the digital media landscape.

Cutting edge media tools

a wealth of contacts

15 years of experience

trust and clear communication

comprehensive monthly reports

Invested in our client’s success

We build and nurture long-term relationships

we deliver exceptional results

We help grow your business

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