Nailed It! Booksy Hits Headlines

Our client salon booking app Booksy features in Refinery29 reaching nearly 400,000 readers

#TeamFox has worked with hair and beauty booking app Booksy for over a year, and in that time have secured the brand and its talented Ambassadors media coverage in some of the UK’s biggest publications.

Part of our PR strategy involves positioning Booksy and partners as the go-to experts for journalists, providing them valuable interviews, quotes, and insights from the industry.

Refinery29 UK has featured social media sensation and Booksy Ambassador, Alice McNails in its recent piece on ‘Initial Nails’, reaching a whopping 373,000 people.

‘The days of going Facebook official with your partner are officially over. Initial nail art is the new way to let everyone know that your relationship is the real deal.’

Alice said, “I’ve been doing initial nails for quite a while now and see it come up a lot around Valentine’s Day, particularly in old English lettering”. 💘

You can read the article here.

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